The Hopper needs your help. We know and love all of our readers, contributors, and fans, but we want our audience to continue to grow! What can you do? Bring us to your local independent bookstore! It’s easywe’ll give you exactly what you need to say to your bookseller, you'll deliver your request, and then we’ll all sit back and wait for the shelves to fill with fresh copies of The Hopper. Ready to take part in Hopper Here?

Step 1: Determine if you are going to email your bookseller or talk to them in person.

Step 2. If you're going to email your bookseller, copy and paste the following into your missive. If you are going to visit them in person, print out the following, or memorize if you’re nifty like that.

Dear Bookseller,

First, thank you for all the work you do! Having an independent bookstore near me has greatly improved my quality of life, and I am grateful.

Today I’d like to bring your attention to The Hopper, an exceptional literary magazine with an environmental focus from Green Writers Press. I think that this exquisite publication would find an eager audience in our area, and I’m excited to bring the rich and pointed art and stories in this magazine to my friends and neighbors.

May I request that you order a round of copies to stock in your store? They’re available on IndieBound, Amazon, and at a special discount directly from Midpoint, their distributor.

To order online, visit IndieBound.
To order direct from Midpoint with a bookseller discount, email: orders@midpointtrade.com


The Hopper , Issue I, 2016

The Hopper, Issue I, 2016

The Hopper , Issue II, 2017

The Hopper, Issue II, 2017

Step 3: Once you’ve made the request with your local bookseller, let the people know! Share the following (with a photo of the bookstore or your town) on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Spreading the word will inspire other readers to do their part too. Plus, you’ll win brownie points with us Hopper eds.

One of my favorite lit mags, The Hopper, will soon be right here! I just requested copies from my local bookseller, and you can too. Get The Hopper into a store near you! #Hopperhere

Step 4: Follow up. Hopefully, your bookseller will let you know when The Hopper comes in. Make a second visit and take photos of the fresh stock! We can’t wait to see The Hopper sitting snug on shelves everywhere across America.