RoSanne Alexandre-Leach

Prose Editor

Rose Alexandre-Leach leads Sprouts for Kids (Green Writers Press), where she acquires and edits picture books, middle grade novels, and young adult fiction that reflect the publisher’s environmental mission. Rose is trained as a biologist; her work with words is informed and inspired by her time in the outdoors and as a teacher, and particularly by the magic of the Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine. Previously, Rose served as a nonfiction editor at Mud Season Review and worked to develop creative elementary science curriculum. Among many favorites, Sprouts for Kids has proudly published Yuan Pan’s The Last Goodbye, a finalist of the Bologna Book Fair’s Silent Book Contest, and two books honored by the Green Earth Book Awards: Katy Farber’s The Order of the Trees and the Josie Goes Green series. Born and raised on the river in Vermont, Rose now lives in Brattleboro.