Kelsey Swintek

Costa Rica is green: the tropical plants, the camouflaged bugs, the overgrown thrushes, the reflections of ribbed leaves on the wet pavement in the rainy season. I chose to shoot black-and-white with the intention to reveal the tonality in the greens and to portray the diffused light casting shadows in the canopy of the forest.

Alice Thomas

These paintings are records of various insults against our rivers in folly and/or purposeful assault. The rooms below the surface/the skin of the bodies of water were recorded: deep rooms where things are locked away, out of sight from the surface.

John Grant

I think it’s important to document the biological components of our world, now more than ever. There are always surprises waiting.

Jess Weitz

I like to use art to express patterns and forces in the invisible and sensory world: the natural movement of water in watercolors to form earth strata, mixed media to create the mood of a birch grove, the use of form and earthen colors to explore land and dirt.

Fatma Benkirane

 I give priority to chance in my creative work; this endows uniqueness and singularity to the work of art.

Lydia Boehm

I paint while holding a plant in my left hand and making marks with my right. I aim to understand the intimate space deep within plant and floral figures.

Vivian Calderón Bogoslavsky

I solve problems by identifying the stains. I give them life with volume, shadows, tones and, of course, color.