I am a Moroccan-Senegalese self-taught artist. I grew up in the medina of Fes, Morocco, within a family of artisans and surrounded by fantastic colors and Andalusian gardens. I have always been attracted to visual arts and particularly to painting, which I have practiced from a very young age. Through this universe, I have developed an artistic sense and sharpened my artistic sensibilities.

FATMA BENKIRANE | Capture d'écran

In my painting, I make colors myself. I use a mixture of natural materials, including pigments. I always explore new techniques and modes of expression.


I endeavor to make my work an invitation to travel, to share encounters and thoughts that break the banality and brutality of the world and open a road to hopes and dreams. A single work can be an assemblage of a multitude of smaller paintings or a diluted form of space and the body. I give priority to chance in my creative work; this endows uniqueness and singularity to the work of art.

Fatma Benkirane

Fatma Benkirane was born in Saint-Louis, Senegal, in 1962. She has exhibited work in France, Canada, and Morocco and published in the United Colors of Benetton’s spring 2014 collection. She also participated in the “In” of the International Biennal of Contemporary Africa Art of Dak’art at Dakar, Senegal, in May and June 2014.