Photography to me is the simplest tool to tell stories.     
I am constantly inspired by what our minds see through the external surface, yet I am drawn to what is underneath, the invisible reality of our dreams, hopes, fears, emotions, and states of mind.    
My art embodies these continuous explorations as I experience both the visible and intangible realities of life.    
In recent years, I have explored ideas of identity, existence, memories, and human experience, and lately I have started to incorporate installation, projections, and sculptural mediums to my practice, expanding it to be more immersive to create stronger emotional connections.    

Htet T. San

Htet T. San is a Myanmar-born artist based in New York. She works with visual art, photography, and installation. Her work explores ideas of identity, existence, memories, nostalgia, and human experience in a meditative and contemplative manner. Recently, she has been combining the visual concepts of installation, video projections, and sculptural/material mediums with traditional darkroom and digital imaging techniques. Her website is