Strata | Gouache on paper, 2015

For me, art making is communion with the natural world and a spiritual exploration of our interconnectedness. Each life form is a manifestation of one being.

Underground | Gouache on paper, 2015

I started out as a photographer but found I could not quite get at what I was most interested in through that medium. 

Earth:Sky | Gouache on paper, 2015

My current work revolves around the archetypal elements in nature—in this series, I explore the earth element.

Birches | Encaustic wax, 2014

I like to use art to express patterns and forces in the invisible and sensory world: the natural movement of water in watercolors to form earth strata, mixed media to create the mood of a birch grove, the use of form and earthen colors to explore land and dirt.

Earth Tone | Gouache on paper, 2015