Growing up in Southern California surrounded by abundant colorful vegetation, I have always been attracted to organic plant forms. These natural figures are forever part of my visual vocabulary and inform my practice in terms of content, form, and technique.


I paint while holding a plant in my left hand and making marks with my right. I aim to understand the intimate space deep within plant and floral figures. 


I constantly challenge myself with how far I am able to manipulate the work into abstraction. By building up and scraping away paint with rags, I am creating a further tactile engagement between myself, the subject, and the canvas. Through this way of working, my process has become somewhat performative as I engage with my whole sense of physical self. 

Louise Rose

Lydia Boehm

Lydia Boehm is an artist living and painting in Brooklyn. She works with Bonhams auction house in the postwar and contemporary art department and, last spring, participated in Bushwick Open Studios. Lydia has studied with Columbia university in the city and in Paris, the Tyler school of Art in Rome, and at Oberlin College. She is currently applying to MFA programs in painting. Visit her website at