JUNE 2016

 Common earthworm ( Lumbricus terrestris ): Cross-section

 Common earthworm (Lumbricus terrestris): Cross-section

Raised Bed


Having witnessed
the sudden anonymity

of a mass-planting
of Rudbeckia hirta,

I think of the species
of mole with unformed

eyes that keeps a
larder of paralyzed

earthworms for sapped
days: instead of

digging, the Talpa
 pulls one

between its paws
for cleaning, feels

the pipeline empty.  


Beth McDermott

Beth's poetry has appeared in journals such as Terrain.org, Watershed Review, Camus, and Southern Humanities Review. Her chapbook, How to Leave a Farmhouse, was released last fall from Porkbelly Press. She is the Poetry Editor for Kudzu House Quarterly and a visiting assistant professor of English in Joliet, IL.