Antagonismo de una Realidad

My creative process and the way that I get inspired starts when I have to solve problems, and I love to do that. When I have a blank canvas I begin to create stains with water, black color, and plastic stucco; in some cases I use sand or ashes and I make them my own elements, because they are the guide for my creative process. I solve problems by identifying the stains. I give them life with volume, shadows, tones and, of course, color.

Belleza desde el Caos

But I also find ideas from nature. Sometimes I take pictures of objects that have meaning to me, or from geography or universe books showing how incredible earth and space can be. My painting is organic and closely related to earth. Each piece is different.


As I paint I try and give each work time to settle. I might stop for a couple of days or even start from scratch. Other works I would admire from a distance and at different times of day to see how light changes them.

Vivian Calderón Bogoslavsky

Vivian Calderón Bogoslavsky is a Colombia native born to Argentinian parents. She holds a bachelor's in anthropology with a minor in history and a postgraduate degree in journalism from Universidad of Los Andes in Bogota, Colombia. She has studied art for over thirteen years with Argentinian art master Carlos Orrea and studies in Florence, Italy, and the USA. Today she is in Madrid exploring her art. Vivian has shown her work in both individual and collective shows in Colombia and the USA. She has been published in multiple books, magazines, and webpages, and has received multiple awards.