Ashia Ajani

Yet Another Poem About Denver

Jay Alexander

Visual: Contemporary Interpretation of Classical Chinese Art Themes

Scott Edward Anderson

Becoming (from Dwelling: an ecopoem,
Honorable Mention for the 2017 Hopper Poetry Prize)

David Axelrod

Summer Evenings in the Grande Ronde (Issue II)
Apostles of Imminence (from Cold Mornings of the Northern Spring,
Runner-Up for the 2019 Hopper Poetry Prize)

Matthew James Babcock

Short Discourse on Species (Issue II)

Maggie Blake Bailey

Dusk (Issue I)
Reservoir (Issue I)

Brit Barnhouse

Loomings (Issue III)

Audrey Batchelder

Remnant (Greenzine)

Jack B. Bedell

Another Night, Just

Kyce Bello

Grass Widow (from Refugia, Runner-Up for the 2018 Hopper Poetry Prize)

Fatma Benkirane

Visual: Priority to Chance

Anne Bergeron

Waterside (Issue III)

Rebecca Bevans

Weathering the Storm

Peter Biello

The Stove (Greenzine)

Hannah Mae Bissell

Monarch (Issue II)
Daybreak Chorus (from Heartwood,
Honorable Mention for the 2019 Hopper Poetry Prize)

Sebastian Bitticks

Galen Clark Recalls Sunrise Over the High Sierras (Issue III)

Ralph Black

Apiarial (from Bloom and Laceration, Winner of the 2017 Hopper Poetry Prize)

Stephen Black

Heirlooms: Watershed Redemption by Diana Hartel

Lydia Boehm

Visual: Plant and Floral Figures

Karen Boissonneault-Gauthier

A Negative Heart (Issue II)
Waiting to Embrace (Issue II)

Bryan Boodhoo

Insects and Arbour

Jemma Borg

Shadows and warriors

Joanna Brichetto

What White Tree is Blooming Now (Issue III)

Zoë Brigley

Blind Horse Elegy (from Letter to a Horse's Head, Runner-Up for the 2018 Hopper Poetry Prize)

Julie Phillips Brown

Substrata (from The Adjacent Possible, Winner of the 2019 Hopper Poetry Prize)

Joseph Bruchac

Another Cold November Night (Greenzine)
Left-over Gladiolus (Greenzine)

Mathieu Cailler

La Jolla (Greenzine)

Vivian Calderón Bogoslavsky

Visual: Identifying the Stains

Julia María Schiavone Camacho

Monsoon Valediction

Lauren Camp

Face, Circle, Abundant
Various Companions (Issue IV)

Roger Camp

Visual: Fallen Angels

Lia-Lucine Cary

Visual: Deep Sea Creatures

Anthony Chase

Role Models (Greenzine)
"Will Mankind Ever Recover" (Greenzine)

Brian D. Cohen

Eclipse (Issue II)
Nest (Issue II)
Tree Trunk I (Willow) (Issue I)
Tree Trunk II (Douglas Fir) (Issue I)
Tree Trunk III (Douglas Fir) (Issue I)
Tree Trunk IV (Maple) (Issue I)

Whale (Issue II)

Erika Connor

A Gathering of Crows (Issue IV)
A Feather from the Crows (Issue IV)

Erin Conway

Stolen (Issue IV)

Sandy Coomer

Archipelago (Issue III)
Hemisphere (Issue III)
Lake Superior (Issue III)
Pebble Beach (Issue III)

Candace R. Craig

The Sins of the Fathers

William C. Crawford

High Tension Juice Heading for LA, Hoover Dam (Issue I)
Hooded View of Death Valley Crater (Issue I)

Jesse Curran

The Space Between: On Climate Change and Haiku Perception

Meredith Davies Hadaway

Even the Dark (Greenzine)
In Season (Greenzine)

Noah Davis

Heron on Blood and Water (Issue II)

Todd Davis

Upon Finding a Skull (Issue II)

Janine DeBaise

The Space Between (Issue IV)

Greg Delanty

The American Robin (Greenzine)
The New Citizen Army (Greenzine)

Erin Despard

The Year of Seeing Green

Catherine Dianich Gruver

Visual (Greenzine)

Elizabeth Dodd

In the Cabinet of Wonders (from In the Cabinet of Wonders, Honorable Mention for the 2018 Hopper Poetry Prize)
Boson Particles, Light Snow (Issue IV)

Maximiliane Donicht

Vis Inertiae

Alexis Doshas

Abandoned Trailer & Cemetery (Issue III)
Butterfly Meeting (Issue III)
Poppy Seed Heads (Issue III)

Donelle Dreese

Rachel Carson at Woods Hole, Massachusetts
Young Rachel Carson (from Organelle, Honorable Mention for the 2018 Hopper Poetry Prize)
Small Towns (from Organelle, Honorable Mention for the 2019 Hopper Poetry Prize)

Julie Dunlap

Heirlooms: Sudden Spring by Rick Van Noy

Ryler Dustin

Homestead (Issue IV)

Meg Eden

Things to Do in My Hometown: Higashimatsushima (from Drowning in the Floating World, Runner-Up for the 2018 Hopper Poetry Prize)

Nicholas Finch

Green Tomatoes

Jeffrey Flannery

The Quarry (Issue I)

Lucas Foglia

Visual: Human Nature

David R. Forman


Mike Freeman

Traffic (Issue III)

Melynda Fuller

The Whole of the Moon (Issue II)

Andrew Furman

Summer Animals (Issue II)

Thea Gavin

Hiking Across Grand Canyon Alone At Night Barefoot

Katrina Gersie-Spronk

Heirlooms: One Size Fits None by Stephanie Anderson

Matthew Gigg

Tomato: Heirloom Manitoba

Jessica Gigot

On-Farm Research

Caitlin Gildrien

Surface Tension

Raquel Vasquez Gilliland

The Fisherchild (Issue III)

Charity Gingerich

The Afterlife of Lepidoptera (from After June, Winner of the 2018 Hopper Poetry Prize)

Ben Goldfarb

Last Watch (Issue II)

Heather E. Goodman


Benjamin Goodridge

Ice Walking (Issue I)

Andrew Gottlieb

Late Winter: Metrics for the Indistinct (from Tales of a Distance, Honorable Mention for the 2018 Hopper Poetry Prize)

Lauren Grabelle

Visual: Natural Boundaries
Elephant, W. 33rd Street (Issue III)
Galápagos Giant Tortoise, Museum of Natural History (Issue III)
Giraffe, Bronx Zoo (Issue III)
Penguins, Central Park Zoo (Issue III)

John Grant

Visual: Little Creatures

Amy Guidry

Visual: In Our Veins
Issue III Cover Art: Sustain

JoeAnn Hart

Terizen (Issue II)
Reef of Plagues

David Hawkins

Excellent Sphagnum

Kathleen Hellen

As If It Were a Child

Beric Henderson

Nestling (Issue IV)
Tree of Man (Issue IV)
Issue IV Cover Art: Family Tree

Tiffany Higgins

Animal Moves | The New Old Burying Ground (Greenzine)

Jennifer Steensma Hoag

Visual: Compromised Beauty

Emily Alta Hockaday

Triolet (Issue III)

Natalie Homer

Under the Broom Tree (from Under the Broom Tree,
Honorable Mention for the 2019 Hopper Poetry Prize)

Ray Hudson

Heirlooms: Telling My Father by James Crews

Rhiannon Inman-Simpson

Visual: Iceland

Alyssa Irizarry

Cobra Skull (Issue II)
Hummingbird Skull (Issue II)

Octopus (Issue I)
Squid I (Issue I)

Visual: Querencia

Nicholas James

Room for Craft: James Crews

Richard Jarrette

Formative Encounters with the Muse (Greenzine)
Honey for the Women (Greenzine)

Melissa Jean


Joe Jiménez

And what if I’m not more than any of this? (Issue III)
Still Life of a Monte Unwilling to Be Anyone's Death
(from Beastlight, Runner-up for the 2017 Hopper Poetry Prize)

Christopher Johnson

Acadia National Park: A Confession
A Wander on Monadnock

Aris Katsilakis

Mutation II (Issue II)

Talley V. Kayser

Cuttings (Issue I)
Room for Craft: Michael Branch
Notes from the End of the Affair
A Better Animal (Issue IV)

Jenny Kendler

Spawning III (Upstream) (Issue I)
Whooping Cranes with Polluted Sky (Issue I)

Eli J. Knapp

Searching for a Landscape Identity

Nikki J. Kolb

Jaw Pressure (Issue IV)

Ted Kooser

A Summer Linden (Issue II)
At Dusk, in December (Issue IV)

Kateri Kosek

Wreck of the Michigan: An Inquiry (Issue III)

Linda Laino

Nest (Issue III)
Offering #2 (Issue III)

Alexis Lathem

Bérgère (Greenzine)
Not This

Pastoral (Issue I)

Colette Lawlor

Ballast Water (Issue III)

Sydney Lea

Zero Fahrenheit (Greenzine)

Jim Lewis

contrails (Issue I)

Kali Lightfoot

Heirlooms: The Library of Ice

Nicholas Littman

Two Ways to Take

David Lloyd

Open House (Issue III)

Nancy Lord

Whose Words These Are (Issue III)

Yvonne Love

Visual: Quiet Memories

Jane Lovell

La Sélune (Issue III)

Mark Luebbers

Laura Ingalls Wilder, Age 5, Considers the Causes of Exile and Migration (Issue III)

Jeanne Lutz

Home Variations (from Until the Kingdom Comes,
Runner-Up for the 2019 Hopper Poetry Prize)

Shona MacDonald

Visual (Greenzine)

Tony Magistrale

Westchester Pastoral (Greenzine)

Gary Margolis

At the Hay Mow (Greenzine)

Farzana Marie

Ghazal: Quilt (Issue I)

Jeremy Nathan Marks

As it Melts (Greenzine)
Industrious Fingers (Greenzine)

Anna Martin

Visual: Dichord

Sam Masler

Illustrations (Issue I)
First Chanterelle
Polistes carolina
Ghazal: Quilt

Sara Massidda

And we’ll be there (Issue III)

Jerry D. Mathes II

Sailing in the Fog

Grant McClure

Polistes carolina (Issue I)

Meridith McClure

Visual: Biobroidery

Beth McDermott

Raised Bed

Eliza McGowen

Thirteen Ways of Looking at the Ocean (Issue II)

Heidi McKinley

Midwestern Drive

T. J. McLemore

Room for Craft: Jorge Perez-Gallego

Lucien Meadows

Portrait of My Father as Icarus

Paul Anthony Melhado

Queens County Parks (Issue IV)
Alley Pine (Issue IV)
Kissena Back Lot (Issue IV)
Kissena Trees (Issue IV)
Winter lake (Issue IV)

Michelle Menting

To Skin Bare

Emily K. Michael

Kiwano (from Natural Compliance,
Honorable Mention for the 2016 Hopper Prize for Young Poets)
Working Resonance: Concerto for Guide Dog, Handler, and World

Ben Michelman

My Mom Takes My Nine-Month-Old Son to Put Down Her Dog

Amy Miller

These Horses Will Not Be Harnessed

Caroline Miller

Badlands (Issue I)
Hollow (Issue I)
Overset (Issue I)

Mike Minchin

Our Son the Dragon (Greenzine)

Caroline Misner

Signs of Sacred Places

Ellene Glenn Moore

At Carinae Viñedos, Mendoza (from The Dark Edge of the Bluff,
Runner-Up for the 2016 Hopper Prize for Young Poets)

Jenny Morse

In a House with a Name, One is Never Alone (Greenzine)

Mimi Morton

The Cellar (Greenzine)

Rodney Nelson

The Day of Saint Richard of Wyche

Mary Newell

A Bias Toward the Beneficial (Issue II)

Shelby Newsom

For the Young (Issue IV)

Mitchell Nobis

Field Trees (from We Hold These Truths,
Runner-Up for the 2019 Hopper Poetry Prize)

Donna O’Connell-Gilmore

The Meal (Issue II)

Irene Hardwicke Olivieri

Reverie of the seals (Issue III)

Ned Olmsted

Bear-Proof Storytelling

Tyra Olstad

Topophilia (Issue II)

Rita Orrell

Sir David Attenborough, I Think I Love You

Emily Paskevics

Stray Dogs (Issue IV)

Margie Patlak

Out of Eden

Desmond Peeples

Menagerie (Greenzine)

George Perreault


Sarah Platenius

Waterfall (Issue IV)
Water Bug (Issue IV)

Kristen M. Ploetz

Waiting for the Hoarfrost
When the Cardinal Takes Flight (Issue I)

Sheila Post

Up Here: A Retreat to Local Living (Greenzine)

Sean Prentiss

Cacophony of Quitting

Gwendolyn Pryor

Visual: Waves

Erin Elkins Radcliffe

Pishing (Issue I)

Kristen Staby Rembold

Long Ago (from Music Lesson, Honorable Mention for the 2017 Hopper Poetry Prize)

Susan Richardson

Build (Issue II)

Hannah Richter


Meghan Rigali

Wishing Life (Issue I)

José A. Rivera

Visual: Querencia

Ellie Rogers


Jenny Ruth

Burn It, Bury It, Send It Down River (Issue I)

Pat Ryan

Distant Shores

John Saad

Safeguard (from Longleaf, Winner of the 2016 Hopper Prize for Young Poets)

Htet T. San

Visual: The Frail Second
Natural Disasters (Issue IV)

Chantel Schott

Visual: Botanical Drawings

Dave Seter

Stopping by Bombay Hook (Issue IV)

Tara K. Shepersky

Off-Base (Issue IV)

Mona Shomali

Issue II Cover Art: Pesticide Trail

Kayann Short

Food for Bears (Issue I)
Swallowtail Summer

Jim Sienkiewicz

Visual: City of Industry

Stephen Siperstein

First Chanterelle by an Old Hunting Road (Issue I)

Sound of Waves (Issue II)
Telling my Students About Hope (Issue II)

Judith Skillman

Fire Behavior (Issue III)
Yakima River, October (Issue III)
Visual: Five Paintings

J.D. Smith

The Starfish (Issue I)
Questions on Toads (Issue I)

Michael Smith

Consider All the Possibilities (Issue II)

Susan Solomon

Crow (Issue IV)

Brett Ann Stanciu

Living in the Edge (Issue I)

Rebecca Starks

Measure My Song

Carol Steinhagen

Scale (Issue III)

Eric Fisher Stone

My Eighth Birthday
The Songs of Animals (Issue II)

Meredith Stricker

Writing like trees, writing with trees (Issue IV)

CP Surendran

Defiance (Greenzine)
Morning Show (Greenzine)

Heather Swan

Gem (Issue III)
Vespers (from Root Causes, Honorable Mention for the 2017 Hopper Poetry Prize)

Kelsey Swintek

Visual: Costa Rica
Issue I Cover Art

Ag Synclair


Alice Thomas

Visual: River Rooms

Don Thompson

Fruit trees next door (Issue I)
Night Walk (Issue II)
Palm Dairy (Issue I)
Solitary Bees (Issue II)

Kerry R. Thompson

Bloom (Issue II)
Europa (Issue II)
Treadmill (Issue II)
Ursul (Issue II)

Michael Thompson

Visual: Kites

Natalie Tomlin

An Untestable Question (Issue III)

Leath Tonino

Northward (Issue III)

Heather Tourgee

Three Pounds

Alyssa Towns

Swamphouse, and Sitting It

Travis Truax

Driving Oklahoma Is Rarely Met with Much Excitement (Issue IV)

Brigit Truex

Genesis According to Stone (Issue III)
Traces (from The History of Water, Runner-Up for the 2017 Hopper Poetry Prize)

Cindy Veach

Looking in the Windows at Night (Greenzine)
On Seeing a Wedge of Swans (Greenzine)

Bathsheba Veghte

Big Green (Issue III)

Natalie Vestin

We Were Here: Cigarette/Deadheads (Issue I)
We Were Here: Snake/Mandible (Issue I)

Naima Wade

Attuned to Non-Interference (Greenzine)

Kelly Garriott Waite


Cynthia Scott Wandler

Wonderberry Jam (Issue I)

Tim Weed

Heirlooms: To Look Out From by Dede Cummings
Mouth of the Tropics (Greenzine)

Lynne Jaeger Weinstein

Visual (Greenzine)

Jess Weitz

Visual: Elemental

Russ Weis

Going the Extra Green Mile (Greenzine)

Amy Weldon

The Serpent (Issue III)

Rebecca Stetson Werner

Day 12 (Issue IV)

Joseph Harlan White

Insect Micrographs

Maya White-Lurie

2035 (Issue III)

Diana Whitney

Etymology of Transgression (Greenzine)
Summer Solstice (Greenzine)

Ariel Williams

Visual (Greenzine)

Christopher Williams

The Island (Greenzine)

Jess Williard

This Year
Succession (Issue III)
Succession (Issue III)

Anthea Yip

Plant a Human (Issue IV)

Isaac Yuen

Life Lessons from the Odd and Ancient

Patrick Zephyr

Jupiter and the Milky Way (Issue III)